Photo Album

Elsa from “Frozen” holds a baby
A large group of Keverian students and staff pose with Elsa and Santa
Two students on either side of Santa Claus
Two young students wearing festive holiday hats seated at a cafeteria table
A woman and girl, both wearing red, seated a cafeteria table
Assistant Principal Janet Taylor holds a toddler
Principal Alex Naumann, in a sports coat adorned with a Christmas-light design, welcomes guests to Breakfast with Santa
Elsa from “Frozen” looks on in wonder as a young student prepares her with two candy canes
Elsa from “Frozen” shakes hands with Santa Claus
Santa Claus and a young student
Santa Claus and a young student
Elsa from “Frozen” and three girls
Elsa from “Frozen” leans over as she talks to a young student
Elsa from “Frozen” holds hands with a young student
A student wearing an elf hat seated in front of a full breakfast
A student wearing a festive holiday sweater in front of a full plate of breakfast food
Elsa from “Frozen” kneels next to a student
Elsa from “Frozen” reaches towards a toddler who’s being helped to walk across the stage
A young student and a toddler visit with Santa, with the toddler looking at Santa in wonder
Elsa from “Frozen” sits with a student at the end of the stage
A student turns from her breakfast towards the camera
A Keverian student and Principal Alex Naumann
Two students, a boy and a girl who’s sporting Reindeer antlers, at a cafeteria table
A student holds a microphone laughs as Santa rings a bell
A smiling girl visits with Santa
Principal Alex Naumann interacts with Santa Claus and Elsa from “Frozen”
Elsa from “Frozen” spreads her arms as she looks at a girl who’s visiting with Santa
Elsa from “Frozen” with her arms around two girls
A student wearing a “Team Santa” shirt is flanked by his mother and father
A girl visits with Santa
Distinguished guests and parents