Photo Album

Group photos, guest readers
Group photo, students, teachers and guest readers
Three educators pose with a large cutout of the Cat in the Hat
The Superintendent, wearing a Harry Potter shirt
A reader opens a book so students can see the pictures
A reader opens a book so the students can see the pages
Students look at a guest reader who's opening a book to show them the pages
Dr. Seuss-themed wall art work
Wall art featuring hot air balloons and the words "Oh, the places you'll go!"
A door decorated with "The Giving Tree"
PTO members and City Councilor Stephanie Martins
Principal and a parent
Posed photo, three educators
Educator and school nurse, in front of a large map of the world
Posed photo, four educators
Artwork on a door, featuring cats and sneakers
A parent and the Superintendent
A colorful mural, with Dr. Seuss as the inspiration
Wall art featuring Shakespeare